Gluten Free Goes Abroad!

In just a few short weeks I will be leaving my home in the sticky, humid plains of North Carolina for the hustle and bustle and fresh seafood of Barcelona, Spain. That’s right! For almost four whole months this baby celiac is hitting the gluten-free road to study abroad in a strange new world (formerly known as Europe). I have an itty bitty little device I will now be taking with me to communicate with the outside world and blog about my experiences eating gluten free while traveling! (in case you’re wondering what happened to all my recipes, my big not-so-faithful laptop decided to crap out on me but now I’m back online!)

I am, needless to say, over the moon about this trip as celiac disease and other related/not-so-fun health issues derailed me for over a year. I am back and excited and…. totally terrified gluten is going to make me poop myself in Spain. Yeah, I said it – POOP! Every gluten intolerant and celiacs worst nightmare, amiright? To prevent aforementioned affliction I am doing as much research as possible and have been gathering together some awesome resources (which I will of course share with you in the very near future) and brushing up on some high school Spanish. Say it with me, sin gluten, por favor! 

Beyond the beauty and adventures of Barcelona I will be traveling to other Spanish towns and cities,  London to see some friends, and a few other places to catch up with old roommates and college buddies (seriously – they’re all in Europe. I would be totally jealous but I just realized I’ll be there too!).

So, even though I won’t be able to bake in the coming months I will be building on this blog as much as possible and sharing my experiences because I think the most important thing I’ve learned about having an autoimmune disease and going to doctors nonstop is to not let it define you or beat you. I’ll admit I’m nervous about my trip but who wouldn’t be? Celiac disease can be controlled through rigorous attention to diet and while that makes traveling all the more nerve-wracking and difficult, it doesn’t mean you can’t follow your dreams – wherever they may take you.

Stick with me kids and I’ll share some of the best (gluten-free) foods Spain has to offer. 



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